About Me

My name is Paulus Monique, I live with my family in Berdorf, 10 minutes from Echternach near the German border.

My passion for dogs began very early in 1981 when I adopted the first mixed breed female Bobby from the animal shelter (1981-1990), followed by a Leonberger female Malayka (1990-2003), and at same moment I adopted German shepherd Rocky (1990-1995) with him I took my first steps in agility in the 90's.


In the search for a suitable next agility dog, not too heavy, easy to handle, good in turns, I came across the breed Smooth Collies (short-haired collies) and so in 1994 my first smooth collie Lucky moved in with us. (1994-2006) Agility A3

In 1996 it joined us a long hair collie female Sweety (1996-2008) Agility A3

The Smooth Collie is a fantastic breed and I couldn’t resist, so in 1998 joined us the Smooth Collie female Zitha (1998-2011) Agility A2


In June 2003 I got the FCI registration for my kennel name “ Flying Heartbreakers “


My passion grew for the Smooth Collies as a suitable family and sport dog and so my first Smooth Collie litter was born in Luxembourg in 2004, after which I built up my Smooth Collie breeding where Zitha was my foundation female.

From my first Smooth Collie litter I kept my first self-breed Smooth Collie female Vicky (2004-2016) Agility A2 and it followed some other Smooth Collie's like Simba male from Norway or Risto male from Finland.


The passion for agility grew more and more and I did the training as an agility judge, in 1995 I was nominated as a national agility judge and since 1998 nominated as an international agility judge.

I judged in several countries (Luxembourg-Germany-France-Belgium-Norway)

1999-2006 I was FCI Agility Delegate for Luxembourg where I represented also in 2000 as captain the agility team from Luxembourg in Helsinki.


In 2008 I was finally able to fulfils my dream and the first Border Collie female, Flash, joined our Flying Heartbreaker’s team.

2012 I have starting with my first Border Collie litter (Ghost x Flash)

I am very enthusiastic about this breed, they are very willing to learn, very agile, super nature, but you have to know that they learn the negative things just as quickly as the positive things, which is very important for the start with a BC puppy

me & Gini - Flying Heartbreakers O Sole Mio born: 07-03-2017  (Agility A2)
me & Gini - Flying Heartbreakers O Sole Mio born: 07-03-2017 (Agility A2)